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Burnt Legend

Burnt ends are a part of every Kansas Citian’s DNA — they are iconic and incredibly tasty. Although beloved by many, the true story of burnt ends has remained obscured by a screen of smoke and hidden under the piles of hickory used to stoke the pits. KCPT, Flatland and Recommended Daily have joined forces to tell the real story of burnt ends — one delicious bite at a time. How do you like your barbecue? #BurntLegend

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Gram & Dun's Burnt Ends Mac and Cheese

Whether you’re ready to play chef or just want to delight in a twist on two favorite comfort foods, you’re in luck with this recipe, courtesy of a local Country Club Plaza eatery.

Go With the Flow | Which BBQ is For You?

Which barbecue suits your mood? Follow our handy-dandy flow chart for KC's finest food offerings.

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