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Flatland is your local nonprofit news source committed to providing context and solutions to some of our region’s biggest challenges. 90.9 The Bridge is Kansas City's alternative to commercial radio and your source for music discovery. 

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Kansas City PBS Highlights

Your weekly update on Kansas City PBS programming and events

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  • Finding Your Roots
  • Benjamin Franklin A Film By Ken Burns
  • Antiques Roadshow logo


Local Productions
Explore local programs from Kansas City PBS.
  • Nick Haines, smiling. Week in Review
  • D. Rashaan Gilmore smiling, Flatland in Focus with D. Rashaan Gilmore
  • Nichols Folly, A Century of the Country Club Plaza, plaza fountain
  • Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations, art car, Salvation Mountain
  • Flatland Presents Passing the Baton, Black fist clenching words like Black Lives Matter
  • Age-Old Questions, A Revealing Look at the State of Aging, image of older woman looking out window
  • We Are Latinos, Discovering the Latino Community of Kansas City, portion of mural
  • The Gun Conundrum, image of gun
  • A Flatland Original, Art House, KC Conversations About the Art of Film, image of old projector
  • Get Lost! Kansas City PBS logo, Michael and Lonita
  • Womontown, two women embrace
  • "AIDS in KC: The Early Days" poster