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Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) our main sounding board for community feedback. This citizen-led body is responsible for ensuring KCPT is meeting the needs of the community we serve. Meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at KCPT. (There are no June, July, October or December meetings.)

All KCPT Community Advisory Board meetings are open to the public. Contact Sandy Woodson for meeting details at 816-398-4228.

Chair: Diane Charity
Vice-Chair: Robb Traylor
Secretary: Rev. Darren Faulkner

Jack Bainbridge
Janae Gatson-Bowers
Trey DeBose
Kay Oros Davis
Wesley Reed
Terry Rinehart
DeQuai Wilson

Sandy Woodson, KCPT Liaison

Join the Community Advisory Board

Join a group of community members who offer insights and solutions on the challenges and opportunities facing Kansas City PBS by sending us a message below.