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PBS Kids Writers Contest

Kansas City PBS Kids Writers Contest Winners

Each year, we invite young authors and illustrators in K-3rd grades to submit their stories.
You can read the winning entries below!

2020 Winners


1st Place - Billy Blacksuit the Believer by Aiden Emily

2nd Place - Baby Bunny Meets Baby Giraffe by Elliott Cameron

3rd Place - The Horses and the Unicorn by Leila Yap

1st Grade

1st Place - The Adventures of Mr. Peanut by Johnny Vogtner

2nd Place - Coronavirus by Nyala Starr

3rd Place - Lydia's Funniest Adventure by Lydia Sevits

2nd Grade

1st Place - Finding My Pet by Alicia Grigsby

2nd Place - Food Fight by Mirabel McGhee

3rd Place - The Enchanting Horse Tale by Felicity Buttig

3rd Grade

1st Place - The KC Brothers by Griffin Strate

2nd Place - Penny Panda Prevents a Pandemic by Jaime Stone

3rd Place - The Treasure of Gold by Lillian Holthus

2019 Winners
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2016 Winners

1st – “Fearless Freddy Goes to the Jungle” by Varenya Kale
2nd – “The Tooth Fairy’s Mistake” by Sylvie Ruff
3rd – “The Disco Party Wig” by Terrance King

First Grade
1st –“Hee-Ho Of Course Yo” by Helena Mattes
2nd – “The Bedtime Book” by Madeline Newell
3rd – “Alisa’s Great Plan” by Kate Unruh

Second Grade
1st – “Stewart: The Brave Page” by Owen Sime
2nd – “How Cool Is That!!” by Ayanna Jain
3rd – “Blue Trees?” by Bailey Scott

Third Grade
1st – “My Tricky Pet” by Cadence Cook
2nd – “The Adventures of Super E and Blue Boy” by Eleanor Leslie
3rd – “My Adventures in the Non-Fiction Section” by Elizabeth Newell

2015 Winners

1st – “No Dogs” by Madeline Newell
2nd – “The Skeletons and the Castle” by Ian Brewer
3rd – “The Goose” by William Silvia

First Grade
1st –“Dr. Electric’s Invention” by Jayla Walker
2nd – “The Ice Dragon” by Owen Sime
3rd – “Wooppy the Dog” by Ayanna Jain
Honorable Mention – “Meercats in Paris” by Sophia Brockmeier

Second Grade
1st – “Goggle Girl and the Missing Unishark” by Eleanor Leslie
2nd – “The Itsy-bitsy Ladybug” by Ishya Bhavsar
3rd – “Moo Is Rude” by Finley Blakenship

Third Grade
1st – “The Dragon and the Unicorn,” by Emily Brewer
2nd – “My Life as a Soccer Ball” by Ronan Siegel
3rd – “Becoming Friends” by Noah Stanton