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The O-Zones

Premieres June 18, 2020

KCPT Specials

The O-Zones

Nick Haines talks to developers, investors and policy experts about Opportunity Zones.

About the Show

At a time when impassioned protesters nationwide are demanding a thorough overhaul of police departments, courts and other institutions, there are renewed demands for systemic changes to improve the economic fortunes of millions of Americans in communities that have been left behind.

The President heralds Opportunity Zones as one of the greatest new tools to save distressed neighborhoods. Tucked into the last big tax cut package, they allow investors to avoid paying taxes if they agree to park their money in building businesses and projects in high poverty areas.

So far more than $100 billion has been invested. While affluent investors are being rewarded on their tax returns, what about the communities they are intended to improve? KCPT's Nick Haines tracks how the issue is playing out in Kansas City with developers, investors and public policy experts.


Emmet Pierson Jr.
Community Builders of Kansas City, CEO

Kevin Tubbesing
Stag Commercial, Founder

Emily Lecuyer
Equity2, Managing Director

Tammy Buckner
We Grow KC, Project Manager

Kevin Wilson
Novogradac, Partner

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