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Special Edition

Kansas City is on the clock...

In January, the Kansas City Council approved a new commission tasked with looking into slavery reparations for Black residents.

The panel has been given 12 months to come up with recommendations on how the city can "make amends for its participation in the sanctioning of the enslavement of Black people and historical enforcement of segregation."

This question is part of a much larger debate: What does society owe the descendants of enslaved people? How can we measure the harms caused by slavery? Who decides what ought to be done to repair those harms, and who should pay?

And amid increased polarization, will slavery reparations only aggravate racial tensions in Kansas City?

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Get an in-depth look at the issues shaping Kansas City with area newsmakers and journalists. From one-on-one interviews to large group panel discussions, Nick Haines leads an informative and entertaining conversation about the news impacting our metro.

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