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Airplane tail, 19L (ONE NINE LEFT)



Since 1972, journeys to and from Kansas City have begun, or ended, on a 10,000-foot stretch of concrete known to KCI airport personnel as ’Runway 19L’ (Pronounced ONE NINE LEFT). This year Kansas City will open a new airport terminal that will welcome fresh stories of family vacations, business travelers, future NFL stars, and international soccer fanatics. 

19L (ONE NINE LEFT) is a documentary film about the largest public art project in Kansas City history and the nineteen local artists tasked with creating Kansas City’s first impression with those visitors. In 2019 Kansas City extended an open call to artists in Kansas City for an opportunity to share their work in the new KCI Airport Terminal... 

2021 Kansas City extended a call to Kansas City-area artists for an opportunity to share their work in the new KCI Airport Terminal 188 local artists applied for 19 art opportunities in the new Concourses. This is the story of the nineteen left.

Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts
Herb and Bonnie Buchbinder

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Kansas City PBS Local Productions
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