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The Gun Conundrum

Inside Kansas City’s Most Deadly Debate — Guns 

Americans are divided — on social issues, climate change and even democracy itself. But one topic has remained at the top of mind for decades, and the ramifications have played out in our schools, on our streets and in heated debates in the halls of Congress: guns.

The debate surrounding guns is notoriously loud and often extreme. The Gun Conundrum puts aside partisan talking points and examines the crux of the problem: with millions of guns currently in circulation, are there practical ways to balance gun rights with the need to address the high numbers of homicides and suicides? Filmmaker Michael Price brings his noted journalistic expertise to the debate, examining the quiet nuances of perspectives often drowned out by the noise, with an eye toward finding common ground. 


The Gun Conundrum


A new documentary from Michael Price that goes inside Kansas City’s most deadly debate.

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The Gun Conundrum Filmmaker Conversation


The Gun Conundrum Extra

Read the full statement from the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office in response to our request for sentencing data for all homicide cases from 2017 to 2020.

Support for The Gun Conundrum is provided by The William T. Kemper Foundation.



This month’s Flatland Show will further explore the topic of gun violence and gun control.


Inside KC’s Gun Culture: It’s Changing, and Not How You Might Expect

Millions of Americans have become first-time gun owners in recent years. Here’s a look at who they are, and why they’re arming themselves.


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