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As PBS premieres a comprehensive new documentary film on the diabetes epidemic in the United States, Blood Sugar Rising, KCPT continues the conversation in a half-hour special that follows up on the important questions raised and connects Kansas Citians to local resources.


Betty Drees, MD
Endocrinologist, UMKC School of Medicine

Sarah Golder
17-year-old living with diabetes

Jim Nunnelly
Plain Talk about Diabetes, KPRT

Qiana Thomason
President/CEO of Health Forward Foundation

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Local Resources and Information

7 Tips You Can Use Now…

SOURCE: Compiled from ADA, CDC, AARP and the Kansas City Diabetes Connector

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

Worried about the Coronavirus?

Are people with diabetes more likely to get COVID-19?

Navigate the Terminology

Diabetes-related terms can range from common to complicated. Here’s a guide to what they all mean.

Diabetes Patients speak out: Hear their stories

Delve into the lives of people living with or caring for someone with the disease, or working on the frontlines of research into managing and eventually curing diabetes.

More Resources

Meal Planning

Get tips on how to protect your heart by eating right. It all boils down to making the best choices for you that keep saturated fats, sodium, and portion control in check. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Why isn't there a war on diabetes?

There's a disease going around...and it's killing more people than cancer and HIV combined.

Diabetes not only kills at a staggering rate, it’s one of the leading causes of leg and foot amputations, as well as blindness. In fact, it’s now predicted that one in three children born today will develop the disease.

So why isn't there a war on diabetes?

KCPT is proud to partner with PBS on a new documentary film, Blood Sugar Rising, that puts a human face on diabetes and tracks efforts to control this deadly but often overlooked disease.